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Yoga Mats

Thomas asks…

Should I purchase a purple or red yoga mat? What are the effects and benefits of each color?

Thank you.
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admin answers:

The colour doesn’t really matter much. Purple is soothing, I suppose, but while you’re doing yoga, you don’t think about the colour of your mat. What matters is the quality of the mat– the durability, thickness, and stickiness. You don’t want a mat that leads to sliding during down dog. I personally have a Manduka Pro Lite and I would recommend getting one. It’s grey, but it’s the best out there, along with Jade mats, and it has a lifetime warranty. If you’re just beginning yoga, I wouldn’t recommend splurging on it, but later on, it’s a must. You go through mats in about half a year if you frequently use them and it’s just good to have lifetime warranty.

Chris asks…

How can I prevent my hands and feet from slipping and sliding on my Yoga Mat?

I already have a non-slip mat but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any ideas, tips, or tricks?

admin answers:

I have practiced yoga for five years now and here is what I have learned about slippage. Engage all the muscles in your body when you are in each pose. Pull in to the core. I actually used to practice on a hard wood floor in socks in order to practice pulling in to the core. If every muscle is on alignment and engaged you will get stronger and more flexible faster than if you just go through the motions. For more info on muscle alignment, engagement and pulling to the core check out the anusara website listed below.
If you are a heavy sweater try putting a Mexican blanket or terry towel over your mat to help with absorption, but both of those will require you to be fully engaged because they will increase slippage.

Linda asks…

price of lululemon yoga mats?

i just want to know the average price, doesn’t need to be a very fancy kind…

admin answers:

Lululemon yoga mats are approximately $50 CAD. They are super comfy and well worth the price if they are used often.

If you are looking for a less expensive, lightweight mat you can find them at Wal-Mart for about $10!

Good luck!

Nancy asks…

How would I decorate my yoga mat?

I want a different pattern on my mat to make it original. I am sick of my plain old purple! Any ideas? Thanks.

admin answers:

Use Sharpie permanent marker pens to draw a design on it.

Mary asks…

What is the point of a yoga mat?

i thinking of starting yoga, but i don’t understand whats the point of the mat?

and where would it be a great place to start doing yoga? like where should i start?

admin answers:

It’s padded, stops you slipping, and if you have carpet stops and grit from irritating you.

Susan asks…

Wii Fit, what is the silicone sleeve for? what is the difference between the yoga mat, and the other mat?

Have seen 2 mats advertised, not sure why there are 2. And have seen the silicone sleeve in different colors, not sure what its purpose is. Thank you

admin answers:

The sleeve is for if u spill kool aid on it it wont break and the yoga mat is for yoga poses if u want that sort of thing and the other mat is for everything else like pushups and comfort and so ur balabce board doesnt move around

Paul asks…

Is there anything you can substitute for a yoga mat?

I want to do yoga at home, but i don’t have a mat. Is there anything i can use instead of a yoga mat? Also….does anyone know a website where it describes and shows pictures of yoga poses? Thanks(:

admin answers:

You can use a towel, or a welcome mat….. I don’t really know what to tell u i just want the points

Lisa asks…

I’m designing a yoga area in my house. What would be the best flooring? Would tiled rubber mats work?

admin answers:

The most serene would be white tiles or just plain wood, but its your choice

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